A customised, enriched programme of visits and/or walks for every dog.

Every dog is different, so your sessions are tailored to your dog’s needs blending the right amount of mental stimulation, confidence building, exercise and basic training to help your dog be the best dog it can be.
Every enriched programme includes:

  • Mental Stimulation
  • Physical Exercise
  • Training

Enrichment Home Visits 
A mobile enrichment and freework service
An enrichment session is where I come to your house/garden and set up an enriched environment, incorporating elements of ACE Freework. 
Your dog will be provided with the opportunity to freely engage in a variety of different sensory items to exercise all 7 of their senses:
smell: sight: taste: touch: hearing: proprioception: vestibular

Enrichment and Freework sessions are ideal for all dogs but especially suited to:

  • Young puppies 
    Perfect for habituation, physical development & developing body awareness
  • Elderly dogs or dogs recovering from an operation or with limited mobility due to a health condition
  • Dogs that are anxious or nervous

These sessions will give your dog some nice gentle, low impact exercise without engaging in any fast physical movement.

As your dog progresses, the familiarity of these sessions will give your dog a sense of security which can be helpful for nervous dogs. I do not make the layouts more complex to deliberately challenge your dog, my aim is for your dog to feel safe, calm, content and to be  successful . This safe space then allows me to introduce new novel things or elements of things your dog may be worried about.

As I observe your dog,  I will also be able to identify items that your dog really enjoys and then we can use these and take them out into the environment and use them to help change their emotional state and reduce any stress.

Alongside this we also have the option to do scent work, explore interactive food puzzles or play some fun training games.

Standard Enrichment Sessions £16
A 30-minute session in the comfort and security of your own home and garden.
During the visit, your dog will also be toileted, watered and fed as agreed.

  • I supply the treats unless your puppy is on a special diet, in which case you will need to supply suitable treats.
  • All the treats used are 100% natural and contain no additives, grains, preservatives or other behaviour affecting nasties.
  • I use my own poo bags

1:1 Enrichment Walk
45-minutes of Sniff-Venture

An enriched dog walk with just your dog where I am able to give them my undivided attention.
Tailored to your dog’s age, energy level and physical condition.
Incorporating the natural environment to engage in adventure challenges and mental stimulation through scentwork.
I can also work on any training issues you may be having, reinforcing good manners, loose lead walking, impulse control and recall skills. 
Your dog will be calmer and have more focus, helping you to have a more relaxed life together.