Canine Enrichment Sessions

Individualised and bespoke enrichment sessions are tailored to your dog’s needs which will be discussed prior to your dog’s sessions.

Enrichment sessions are ideal for all dogs but especially suited to elderly dogs, dogs recovering from an operation or with limited mobility due to a health condition, dogs that are anxious or nervous or young puppies.

These sessions will give your dog some nice gentle, low impact exercise which ensures your dog works every muscle in their body without engaging in any fast physical movement.

I will come to your house and set up an enriched environment, confidence building course either inside or outside in your garden. Your dog will be provided with the opportunity to freely engage in a variety of different sensory items to exercise all 7 of their senses: smell, sight, taste, touch, hearing, proprioception and vestibular.

As your dog progresses, the familiarity of these sessions will give your dog a sense of security which can be helpful for nervous dogs. This safe space allows me to introduce new novel things or elements of things your dog may be worried about.
As I observe your dog,  I will also be able to identify items that your dog really enjoys and then we can use these and take them out into the environment and use them to help change their emotional state and reduce any stress.

Alongside this we also have the option to do scent work, explore interactive food puzzles or play some fun training games.

Standard Enrichment Sessions £15
A 30 minute session in the comfort and security of your own home and garden.
During the visit your dog will also be toileted, watered and fed as agreed.

Extended Enrichment Sessions £20
Our Standard Enrichment Sessions extended to 45 minutes.