1:1 Enrichment Walk
45-minutes of Sniff-Venture
An enriched dog walk with just your dog where I am able to give them my undivided attention.

Tailored to your dog’s age, energy level and physical condition.
Includes structured scentwork activities as well as natural sniffs, contributing to a dog walking experience that not only provides exercise but one that is rich, fulfilling, and emotionally nourishing. 

1:1 Enrichment & Sensory Session
30 minutes 
A mobile enrichment and freework service that comes to you.

An enrichment and sensory session that incorporates Freework.
Developed by Sarah Fisher (UK), Free Work is a simple, low impact activity that benefits dogs of all ages and abilities, helping them to reset, develop skills and  meet their emotional and physical needs. 
Your dog will be able to move at liberty to explore a range of different sensory experiences, using their hearing, taste, smell, touch and proprioception.

I supply the training treats unless your puppy is on a special diet, in which case you will need to supply suitable treats. All the treats used are 100% natural and contain no additives, grains, preservatives or other behaviour affecting nasties.
I use my own poo bags.

Suitable for:

Dogs recovering from surgery
Dogs that have limited mobility as the result of a health condition
Elderly dogs
Young puppies
Bitches in season
High energy dogs that never seem to tire out
Nervous or reactive dogs
To add variety to your dog’s routine and break up their regular dog walking schedule

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