Are you tired of chasing after your dog?
Do they ignore you, running off to meet other dogs or people?
Do you feel embarrassed or anxious about your dog’s behaviour?
Would you like to improve your dog’s recall so you can give them more off-lead freedom?

Don’t worry!  I’m here to help

Recall problems are very common and you are not alone, in fact, it is the most common reason that I am asked for help with, in my one to one coaching sessions.

A relaxed, friendly, personal approach that you and your dog will really enjoy

Offering recall training outdoors in the natural environment enables me to give you personal support, helping and coaching you to train your puppy or dog in real life situations.

I take only a small number of clients at a time and do ask that my clients commit to their training plan. This gives me the best chance of helping you and your dog, to be successful and reach your training goals.

My working hours for 1:1 training sessions take place between 3pm and 5pm, Monday to Thursday between February through to the end of October.
I don’t offer evening or weekend appointments.

I would ask that anybody meeting me travels to my area of Arnside and Silverdale for us to work together. I know this area well and therefore I’m able to consider the distraction levels and find the best training spots. I can travel to a location nearer to you; however, this is likely to incur additional fuel costs.

A successful recall can take time, patience and perseverance, I can’t wave a magic wand or offer quick fixes, but I can work with you and your family every step of the way, taking a mindful approach to dog training using science-based, force-free, reward-based training methods.

Sign up to one of our Pawsitive Connection Walks Recall programmes today.
Discover the secrets of my walks, learn how to connect with your dog and how to get a reliable supercharged recall.

1  x 1 hour training session £48

A Single session is ideal if you just want a taster or need some great tools to help you build a better connection with your dog.
Access to supplementary online material for  2 weeks following your session. Containing detailed instructions of all the games and activities we played, to enable you to continue your dog’s training yourself in your own time.

3x 1 hour  training sessions from £140

Sometimes, a single 121 session is simply not enough and several sessions tailored to you and your dog can really help you get solid foundations and build a reliable recall.
Recall is not a stand alone thing and there are lots of other things we may need to work on  to get you back on track and enjoying your walks together again.


  • Access to supplementary online material for the duration of your training and for up to 2 weeks following your last session. Containing detailed instructions of all the games and activities we played, to enable you to continue your dog’s training yourself in your own time.
  • A comprehensive 3-month written whistle recall training plan for you to follow at home with email support.
  • Individual coaching with additional ongoing support via email for the duration of your training and the opportunity to send videos of your training for feedback(Mon-Fri) .


     some of the things we will cover during sessions  include:
    • Equipment suggestions for recall work.
    • How to safely use a long line in your recall training and then  progress to walks without a long line.
    • Recognise good choices that your dog makes while on their walks and how to reinforce them.
    • Teach your dog that it pays to stay close to you. Develop a connection with your dog through games and activities that will increase their attention, engagement and focus.
    • Understand common recall problems and learn games to play to prevent them, such as refusal to come close, putting the lead on or firing away when the lead is taken off.
    • Learn how to teach your dog a supercharged DUAL RECALL.
    • Learn how to proof your recall cues using the 3 D’s of dog training.
    • Have an understanding of the predation sequence and recognise which parts of the predatory sequence your dog may be bred to perform.
    • Learn about different functional rewards and when and how to use them.
    • Begin your journey into scentwork and learn some scent games to play on your walk with your dog so that you can go ‘hunting together’ instead of your dog going self employed!
    • Learn about marker training and reward specific markers.
    • Recognise what other factors may be having an influence on your dog’s recall.
    • Learn other exercises to improve your dog’s impulse control – Recall is not a stand alone thing.

      * Training packages must be paid for in full in advance and sessions must all take place within a 2 month period or any un-used sessions will be forfeited, except in exceptional circumstances, in which case they may be refunded or re-arranged at the sole discretion of Sniff &Wagg Trails.

Please note. I specialise in recall training only, if you and your dog are looking for puppy training, have a more complex behaviour issue or have an interest in a particular dog sport/activity, e.g Agility, tracking or parkour, then I can point you in the direction of experienced and kind trainers or behaviourists in our area.