There’s no question too big or small when it comes to the care and wellbeing of your pets, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions to try and answer any that you may have to alleviate any worries.

Q. Can I book single days? or At Short Notice?

Unfortunately, we are unable to take on short term walkers or temporary requests. I’m afraid that services of Sniff & Wagg Trails are in very high demand with regular weekly walkers, so we do not provide services for people who just need the odd dog walk every now and again.

We are a members only service. Customers are required to commit to at least two fixed days per week, to retain a space within the group. This helps to create calm, safe and reliable groups of dogs. It ensures that I can form a really good bond with your dogs and understand their individual needs. Matching dogs who are similar breeds, age, size and enjoy the same things and can therefore get the most out of their walks. The dogs all know each other well and are not put in stressful situations having to tolerate lots of different dogs that they may only meet occasionally, putting them in a situation where they may not be comfortable.

Q. Can you collect my dog while I am out at work?

Yes, Sniff & Wagg Trails is fully insured for Public Liability and Key Holding. Kate is DBS checked, discreet and trustworthy for accessing homes. Keys are held unmarked so the connection with your dog or your address is known only to Sniff & Wagg Trails. Kate will access your dog as per your specific instructions and return them in the same way, safe and Secure.

Q. How will my dog travel?

As a professional in animal care, you won’t be surprised to know that your dog’s safety is paramount and dogs travelling with me do so in total comfort. Your dog will be collected in an unmarked van (for discretion and safety). The van contains purpose-built and professionally fitted pet transportation cages for each dog, with at least two entry and exit doors per cage and the floor is entirely covered in rubber matting for easy cleaning.
For those warm days we have air conditioning and dog cooling mats for each cage and fans. Water is always carried as standard.

Q. Will my dog be supervised at all times?

Yes, your dog will never be left unsupervised while in our care. When collecting/dropping off other dogs, the van will be locked and always be parked in sight.
Dogs are never left unattended in the van to walk another dog.

Q. Do you walk all dogs off the lead?

Yes, all the dogs on our group walks will be allowed off lead which is why it is a requirement that they have some recall skills. Your dog will walk from the van on their lead to a safe area before being let off. They will never be let off lead in unsafe areas, near roads or livestock.
There may be some occassions while your dog is learning to recall reliably where they may need to be popped back on a lead and I believe in the use of longlines  and advocate well fitted, comfortable Y shaped harnesses so as not to damage throats.
If your dog is unable to be off lead then a solo dog walk will be more suitable.

Q: What happens in an emergency?

In an emergency I will contact you immediately. If I am unable to get hold of you, I will attempt your emergency contact. If veterinary attention is needed, I will take your dog to your preferred vet or the nearest vet depending on circumstances.

Q. Do you have any First Aid Training?

Yes, I have attended numerous courses including an in person practical course with Rachel Bean RVN MCFBA and have been certified to provide canine first aid & CPR. I carry a mini first aid kit and tourniquet on all my walks and have a larger full first aid kit in my van.

Q. Are you insured?

Yes, I have specialised Pet Business Insurance.
It’s a comprehensive insurance that includes liability insurance, property damage coverage, and even coverage for lost keys.

Q: How many dogs do you walk at any one time?

Although insured to walk 6 dogs, numbers when possible are limited to a maximum of 4 dogs, as greater emphasis is placed on training & safety over quantity. This ensures your dog receives lots of individual attention and enables me to play training games from my awesome list of games and activities. It also means less travel time for your dog in the van.

Q. Where will my dog be walked?

Walks all take place in and around the Arnside & Silverdale National Landscape. This beautiful area has many varying walks from stunning coastlines, woodlands, fields and rolling countryside.

Q. How long will my dog be walked for?

Group walks are 50 minutes up to 1 hour. This does not include travel time, so your dog will be out for longer, depending where they are on the pick-up/drop-off routine.
Solo walks are up to 45 minutes.

Q. Can you provide any training for my dog?

As a qualified dog trainer, Kate proactively practises core behaviours such as recall, loose lead walking, door and gate manners, food manners, focus, sit & wait all accompanied by consistent marker works. So whether your dog is walking solo or in a group your dogs will be working on basic skills and manners to be well socialised.

Recall is one of our top priorities and is something Kate will work on with every single dog, on every single walk.

Breed specific walks mean that I can  focus on the genetics and traits of your breed.

* Please note, these are not ‘training done for you walks’, the games and activities we play will all help your dog to learn important life skills but are not a substitute for training your own dog.

I offer a discount on all my 1-2-1 training sessions to all my walking clients. If you are a regular client, I am available for you to book one or more mentoring sessions where I can coach you on a selection of training games and activities specific to you and your dog’s needs.

Q. What are your training and handling methods?

The training techniques used by Sniff & Wagg Trails are based on the principles of positive reinforcement and, as such, are kind, ethical, fair and reward-based. Harsh handling of dogs, physical force and the use of punitive methods/ punishment/ corrections or equipment designed to be aversive (including choke chains, check chains, head collars, prong collars, spray collars, e-collars or any other device deemed unacceptable) will not be used while walking your dog.

Q. How will you ensure my dog is safe and enjoying their walks?

I have extensive real life experience as well as qualifications and I am committed to expanding my knowledge of dogs,  so you can be sure your dog is in the safest hands possible whilst in my care!

I have training in various aspects of canine body language and behaviour, I am proficient at reading subtle cues and signals from your dog. This skill ensures that your dog is not only physically exercised but also emotionally understood, making each walk a happy experience.

For the dog’s safety and owner peace of mind, I have invested in a Tractive dog tracker. This GPS tracting device can be worn on your dog’s collar when requested for the duration of your dogs walk. * It will be switched off while travelling to comply with my privacy policy.