Puppy Care Programme

Leaving your puppy when you need to return to work can be a worrying time. My puppy care programme has been specifically designed with working customers in mind to support you and your puppy during their early development all the way through to them graduating to adult dog group walks.
It’s amazing how much rest puppies actually need and many problems happen because puppies get tired and irritable. I understand the importance of keeping to your puppy’s usual routine of daily life with sleep in the day broken up with human interaction, walks, socialisation and training.

From 8 – 16 weeks

Choose from either:

Puppy Enrichment Visit

Providing one to one sessions in your own home/garden
Enrichment activities, socialisation and habituation from a professional trainer.
During the visit your puppy will be toileted, given fresh water and fed as agreed.
I can pop in mid-morning and mid-afternoon to break up their day. 
(Available Monday-Friday)

Puppy Training Walks

Training and socialisation for your puppy learning real life skills in the real world by a professional trainer.

I will come to your home but instead of just walking your puppy, you are getting a professional trainer working with your puppy on a one to one basis.

Young puppies can have two half-hour visits to help break up their day and help with their toileting routine

(Available Monday – Friday)

From 16 weeks – 6 months

Choose from either:

Extended Enrichment Visit

Our Standard Enrichment Sessions are extended to 45 minutes £20

As your puppy grows and once they have been fully vaccinated we can start to combine our visits and extend them to include a short walks.
Your puppy will slowly be introduced to the sniff&wagg van to ensure they are happy traveling inside in a crate and it is a positive experience for them.

Training Walks

We will work on loose lead and heelwork training, establish a good recall as well as progressing our earlier foundation training, socialisation and habituation.

Older puppies can now have a one hour visit

(Monday to Friday)

From 6 Months

Easy Explorers
Socialisation walks
Your puppy will begin to be introduced to some carefully chosen small group enrichment walks and begin some scentwork and low-level dog-parkour activities.

All interactions are carefully observed so if your puppy isn’t picking up on social cues from the other dog, I can intervene and move them away.

Having your puppy walked with one or two other well-mannered adult dogs under the watchful eye of a qualified trainer, will help your puppy to play politely, learn manners and other important skills, enabling them to become socially competent dogs.

12 months onwards

Group Enrichment walks

Your puppy can now fully graduate to our adult dog group enrichment walks and partake in all our training games, parkour and scentwork.
And as we will have already been working on focus, connection and recall skills, they will be off lead having fun with me and all their doggy friends.

I only use kind science-based training whilst on walks with your dogs

1 hour £12.50

Find out more about Enrichment walks