Puppy Enrichment Visits

A bespoke and professional service for puppies in the Arnside and Silverdale area only. Providing one to one sessions in your home of enrichment activities, socialisation and habituation from a professional trainer.

Available Monday-Friday
Limited Availability
( I am extremely busy, and at times may need to operate a waiting list for spaces)

Enrichment sessions are perfect for puppies under 6 months of age.
Exercise at this young age needs to be limited so as not to cause any detrimental damage to their bone development and in particular their growth plates.

Enrichment Sessions £16
A 20 minute session in the comfort and security of your own home and garden.
During the visit your puppy will also be toileted, watered and fed as agreed.

During our session, will build your young puppy’s confidence by laying out a small confidence course, exposing your young puppy to novelty and noise in a fun and playful way. Your puppy will be able to move at liberty to explore a range of different sensory experiences, using their hearing, taste, smell, touch and proprioception.
As your puppy grows, I can add some fun training games based on your training goals. I can help your puppy with:

  • Pulling on lead
  • Come when called
  • Focus and connection
  • Impulse control & frustration tolerance
  • Jumping up

I supply the training treats unless your puppy is on a special diet, in which case you will need to supply suitable treats.

All the treats used are 100% natural and contain no additives, grains, preservatives or other behaviour affecting nasties.

I use my own poo bags.

What are the benefits for my dog?

  • Improved ability to learn and remember.
  • low impact activity that can be rewarding for your puppy.
  • Improves self-control.
  • Help build confidence.
  • More emotional stability.
  • Helps to prevent stress.
  • Can help your puppy to settle and be calm.
  • A foundation for learning important life skills.
  • Improves wellbeing.